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Book Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

14 Jan

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I actually finished reading this book last week – I guess – and it didn’t take me long to finish it, really, about two days and a half.

My cousin recommend it to me and she told me the story. At first I wasn’t too excited about it, but then I got excited and bought it. ( even though my cousin brought both: Hush, Hush and COFA with her. But I didn’t want to wait. So I bought both. Yeah. Sorry Shahad!)

Anyway, the book is one of the books that finishes so fast it, draws you in, you wanna know what will happen next! So its a fast paced book to me.

I wanna note something but first I want – whoever reads my review and didn’t read Hush Hush yet, to read a little about the story.

So, Hush, Hush talks about a girl named Nora who meets a guy named Patch. Patch is her new Biology lab partner. At first Nora gets worried about her grades because Patch seems like a guy who doesn’t care much about his grades, so she goes to him – even though that she said she wouldn’t- and tries to talk to him so she can write her homework. Patch seems to be teasing her and gives her elusive answers whenever she asks him a question which makes her really curious to find out more about him. Day after day their connection grows stronger and as that, she finds herself in weird situations really weird, bizarre situations, unpleasant situations that doesn’t seem normal, not to mention how Patch seems to appear everywhere she goes. Sometimes she asks herself if she’s crazy! She just tries to find out the truth of whats happening around her, and Patch’s real life. ( Her best friend Vee helps her as well)

OK. Here’s the note: Some people said that Hush Hush is just like twilight.

I know right? Can you believe it!


It’s nothing like Twilight! The only common thing, is.. that Biology lab partner thing. And that’s it!

The story afterwards becomes really different. The story might start as Biology partners.. But NO! Hush Hush isn’t like Twilight.

Still not convinced? I don’t blame you! You better read the plot that is in the book cause I don’t think that I did a great job explaining the story myself, and if you read the story (Hush, Hush) you would, perhaps notice how dissimilar the stories are to each other.

Let’s do a little talk about the characters:

Nora: She’s – obviously- the main character and  you know? what I really like about her is that she would do the things that I want her to do! You know when something happens to a character in a story and you’re like noooo don’t go here don’t do that and so on? Yeah well, Nora does the the things that makes me feel comfortable and not so worried of what she might face. You get it? But yeah, she did some stupid things too.

Patch: Patch..Patch..Patch. How should I describe your mysterious, funny, creepy personality? His life is so fuzzy. What do you want? Who are you? These are perhaps the questions that Nora had in her mind whenever she saw him or thought of him ( which happens to be a lot). He’s funny and he’s supposed to be good looking and so on. I don’t wanna talk about him a lot, you read the story and find out more about him.

Vee Sky: is Nora’s best friend. She’s all about having fun, she’s crazy, and yet she’s not annoying, although she is annoying to her Biology teacher. I just love how she’s with Nora and how she tries to investigate with her. And yeah, you can imagine her doing some reckless things.

Well these three seems to be the most main characters. Yes, sure there is more important charterers but I think its better for you to know them by reading.
Ok, so I just wanna say that the story is creepy, and I kept telling my self that. There were some moments were I got some small chills all over my body, just small ones. ( I don’t know if I made them up or it actually happened.. the story is still creepy though)

So the books is: Fast paced, creepy, supernatural, exciting, has some funny moments and not like Twilight.

So go ahead! Read it! It’s a good book. Not a crazy, amazing book that makes you want to cry, but still its good! Really good!

Again, you can read the plot of Hush, Hush if you didn’t like mine. ( cause I’m not really sure that you did)

You may leave your comments. I REALLY would love to read them.. yeah.

Note: I might write another review to talk about the actual events and what was my opinion and blah blah. But that would be a BIG SPOILER for you if you didn’t read the book.