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18 Feb



Just wanted to pass by..

This is my fourth week in my second term and that means that I’ll have more time to spend in studying and less time to.. read.

I have some really good books that I’m looking forward to read. But the question is: when?

Usually, when I read a really good book and I get into it, I spend hours reading it.

Last year, when I came back from school I went to my bedroom and started reading a book until it was dark outside, I don’t remember the exact time, but I kept reading for hours.

And the books that I have are really good ( or at least they seem like it).. So I don’t want to take ” the risk” of reading them, because I really want to focus on studying this semester.

But come on! I know at some point in the semester, I’ll look at these books and.. break down.

I guess managing my time would be the best decision here. I mean, does all this happen to you too?

Anyway, in case you’re wondering what I did on my birthday.. well, I cleaned my bathroom for the first time in my life! Interesting, huh? Not that I care, really.